3D Printing and its usage in the construction industry in UAE

3D printing has been a huge buzz over the past decade and for a valid reason. 3d printing at first was only used to produce prototyping objects.

Today with rapid transformation 3d printing industry has progressed to a point where it has emerged as a winner in the covid-19 situation around the globe.

While plainly, 3D printing innovation has shown usefulness in the medical, aerospace, and prototyping, there's one key field that's potentially positioned to burst out: the architectural industry.


In the construction sector, 3D printing can be utilized to produce building elements or to 'print' whole buildings. The construction sector is well-suited to 3d printing in the UAE as much of the info necessary to create a product will exist as an outcome of the style process, and the market is currently experienced in computer helped to manufacture. The current development of developing (BIM) specifically might help with higher use of 3d printing in Dubai. 3d printing might allow, quicker as well as a lot more accurate building and construction of the facility or bespoke products in addition to lowering work costs as well as creating less waste. It might likewise make it possible for the building to be carried out in rough or unsafe settings not appropriate for a human workforce such as proceed.

3d printing is being commonly utilized by interior service providers in the UAE. Modern Dubai based interior firms have made use of 3d printing to create tailored fittings and also components in addition to particular façade elements that would certainly have been too expensive, or also complex, or take prolonged periods to make using standard approaches. One instance done by an indoor specialist in Dubai included headboards for hotel bedrooms that required following specific weight restrictions.

With 3D printers currently having the ability to make homes in just a few days, the technology could help to bring a new revolution in the construction industry as we understand it. However is 3D printing in construction just a short-lived trend or does it have actual practical usage as a technology that can act as a crucial long-lasting solution to the shortage of homes and be an alternative to traditional construction methods that has to be seen?